HYGEIA IntegraMeds Center

Project Description

The name of the center is borrowed straight from Greek Mythology, which names Hygeia as the Goddess of Healing.

Hygeia is the daugther of ASKLEPIOS, the God of CURE/TREATMENT. HYGEIA represents HEALING FROM WITHIN, from which originates the word HYGEINE.

The use of the word INTEGRATIVE is a conscious departure from the use of the word ALTERNATIVE (i.e. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE). While it is true that MODERN MEDICINE is said to be in crises (i.e. drugs cause more problems than they cure, hospitals are dangerous places for the sick, etc.); there is no denying that it (modern medicine) has done wonders to so many people. So there really is no need to look for ALTERNATIVE as the BEST OF MODERN MEDICINE can be INTEGRATED with the BEST OF TRADITIONAL/NATURAL MEDICINE, which has also been criticized as still needing a powerful and deep assessment of its pharmacological qualities and safety issues. Hence, the use of the nomenclature INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.


A Living Repository of a Significant Collection of Medicinal Herbs

There are more than 100 kinds of medicinal herbs being grown in the Center, some massively for processing; others are only for collection purposes. It is designed that Municipal and Barangay Health Workers in the Province of Agusan del Sur can avail of planting materials from the medicinal herbs grown in the Center. Some medicinal herbs are for sale.

Training/Capacity-Building on Integrative Health Management System

The Center has a team that handles opportunities/invitation for training on Integrative Medicine. Training can be done on field or at the Center. The same team of trainers strives for continual improvement by attending training themselves

Production and Sale of Integrative Medicines

The Center has a Processing Facility for production of granules,capsules, liniments, ointments, among others. The products are sold in several outlets of the Center’s consignees.

Production of Organic Vegetables, Rice, etc.

Following the advice of a sage in the olden times that says “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”; the Center grows various kinds of vegetables, rice, etc. The produce of the garden are marketed as Health Foods.

Operation of a Multi-Purpose Building and an Integrative Medicine and Smoking Cessation Clinic

For use in small group meetings and seminars, the Center operates a Multi-Purpose Building (MPB). Inside the
MPB are housed a Function Room and Integrative Medicine and Smoking Cessation Clinic.

Tourist Destination

The Center has been officially listed as Tourist Destination in Agusan del Sur. No less than the Department of
Tourism Regional Director Letecia Tan declared it to be so during the Public Opening Ceremony for the Center.