Capacity-Building Among Women-Mothers

Project Description

It is held that the Capacity-Building Component of the project is a crucial investment in the process of promoting and institutionalizing the Integrative Health Management System up to the grassroots level. As known, Barangay Health Workers are in the forefront in health promotion and it is just strategic to equip them on the subject at hand.

The Training lasts for 4-full days and revolves around the following Topics:

  • General Introduction;
  • The Commandments of Good Health ;
  • The Crises of Modern/Allopathic Medicine;
  • The Art and Science of Natural Medicine;
  • The Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act;
  • The 10 Medicinal Herbs Approved by the Department of Health: Indications and Preparations;
  • Producing Integrative Medicines and Associated Products: Theory;
  • Producing Integrative Medicines and Associated Products: Practicum;
  • The Natural Home Remedies: Indications and Applications;
  • Reflexology and Its Uses;
  • The Importance of Massage: Theoretical Basis;
  • Massage: Its Practical Applications;
  • Water Theraphy; and
  • Processing and Moving Forward.