FarmASI (Agricultural Sustainability Interventions)

General Objective

To alleviate the difficult situations of Agusanon farmers who have fallen victims to the Vicious Cycle of Chemical Agriculture.

Specific Objectives

  1. To establish and operationalize FARMASI Learning and Resource Center for Agusanons who want to learn and adopt Biodynamic Agriculture/Diversified and Integrated Farming System in the lowland and upland areas;
  2. To subject to trials several varieties/kinds of indigenous rice and corn (and other crops). Those that perform well shall be utilized for massive seeds production for subsequent distribution to farmers. Priority shall be mass production of black rice, red rice, and other pricey varieties;
  3. To develop Diversified Biodynamic Vegetable Garden where high value vegetables are grown. The same garden shall be designed to be Learning/Resource Center for Agusanons who want to learn the farming technology to be used;
  4. To establish Diversified and Integrated Upland Farm to serve as Learning and Resource Center for Agusanons;
  5. To massively promote the technology package in the Province of Agusan del Sur through utilizing various strategies FROM SEEDS TO SHELVES;
  6. To establish Grains Center for sole use of organic farmers. The Grains Center shall have the following facility: Solar Dryer, Mechanical Dryer, Warehouse, and a Rice Mill;
  7. To obtain Third Party Organic Certification for the processes employed FROM SEEDS TO SHELVES; and
  8. To establish Alternative Marketing System for the organic produce of farmer-partners. The marketing of products shall start small (direct to consumers) but shall graduate to the establishment of Health Foods Center/Organic Training Center, then eventually to shipping of produce to major destinations in the country and abroad