Integrative Health Management System Institutionalization

General Objective

To institutionalize tested and proven Traditional/Integrative Health Management System as a way to appropriately address the shortcomings of the Allopathic/Modern Medicine.

Specific Objectives

  1. To establish Integrative Health Management Center;
  2. To capacitate women-mothers, particularly Barangay Health Workers, on the basics of Integrative Health Management System;
  3. To partner with like-minded organizations in order to spread more the practice of Integrative Medicine;
  4. To produce reference materials that explicate the WHYs and HOWs of Integrative Health Management System; and
  5. To establish a BHW Welfare Center

Program Components

HYGEIA IntegraMeds Center

While it is true that MODERN MEDICINE is said to be in crises (i.e. drugs cause more problems than they cure, hospitals are dangerous places for the sick, etc.); there is no denying that it (modern medicine) has done wonders to so many people. So there really is no need to look for ALTERNATIVE as the BEST OF MODERN MEDICINE can be INTEGRATED with the BEST OF TRADITIONAL/NATURAL MEDICINE, which has also been criticized as still needing a powerful and deep assessment of its pharmacological qualities and safety issues. Hence, the use of the nomenclature INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

Capacity Building Among Women-Mothers

It is held that the Capacity-Building Component of the project is a crucial investment in the process of promoting and institutionalizing the Integrative Health Management System up to the grassroots level. As known, Barangay Health Workers are in the forefront in health promotion and it is just strategic to equip them on the subject at hand.

Partnership With Like-Minded Organizations/Individuals

Not only does FDAI aggressive in collecting medicinal herbs. It also processes the herbs into integrative medicines and employs mechanisms in order that many individuals can benefit from such. Because of the significant achievements of FDAI in this field, some organizations have sought its services in also institutionalizing Integrative Health Management System in their areas of operation.

Production of Reference Materials

FDAI has so far produced two reference materials that aim to advance the utilization of Integrative Health Management System. Both materials are intended for distribution to individuals undergoing Training on Integrative Medicine conducted by FDAI.

The BHWs Welfare Center

BHWs do enormous task of responding to the medical needs of the community. Receiving a very minimal honorarium, BHWs are overworked. But they hardly complain. But this observation is the case only if and when BHWs are in their familiar territory. It becomes a different thing altogether if BHWs are away, when they are “temporarily” uprooted from their territory to be with their neighbors or family members who need them most somewhere else.